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PreHistoric India - A Wonder it was !
Pre-historic India
Indus Valley Civilization


The India that we know today is a Third World country struggling with its huge population of which a considerable percentage is still illiterate. However, the history of ancient India (Bharatha Varsha) portrays a completely different picture of the country. It was very prosperous and was the home of many ancient scholars. It was the home of a civilization that was far ahead of all other contemporary civilizations across the globe. Unfortunately, the developed Western world has not given as much attention to the oldest and the longest continuing civilization of the World as it had given to the Civilizations of Egypt, Mesapatomia, Rome etc.

This web-page is intended to give an insight to the wondrous history of India.

A good part of my web-pages related to Indian Anthropology are courtesy of and the views of the famous Indologist David Frawley.