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A little about me...
A little about me...
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1976 - Nov 7th

Mrs.Rengamani Sampath gives birth to her first child in Srirangam.... and it's meeee !

1979 - Jul 6th

I get a baby brother (Ananth) to play with at first and then to fight with. Now, an unconditional ceasefire has been declared and peace prevails !


My Endeavors with education start on an auspicious Vijayadhashami in Sri Venkateshwara Elementary School in Thanjavur.


My dad gets transferred to Srirangam and I continue my educational pursuits in Sri Renga Matriculation School after a brief stint at Sri Akilandeshwari Vidhyalaya.


I think of myself as a grown-up by now and an Elementary school is not the place I should be going everyday. I join The Higher Secondary School for Boys, Srirangam.


I finish my S.S.L.C at TBHSS as a Class Topper ! 

It's time for a change in school. It's E.R. Higher Secondary School,Trichy for my Higher Secondary studies.


Oops... Someone who doesn't know Newton's third law of motion should have corrected my HSC Physics paper. This damn world does not appreciate real knowledge ! Forget it !!

I am going to prove my point by doing B.Sc (Physics) at Bishop Heber College, Trichy.

Hold on.... got an admission letter from Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology for B.E. (Computer Science). No way I'm going to resist this offer !!


I complete Engineering from this start-up college as the first batch to passout.


I Join Infosys Technologies in Chennai as a Software Engineer after a job hunt for about 5 months.


I come to Dallas,TX in the United States for an assignment with Verizon Communications and make Dallas as my home away from home !


This space will be updated when I find that Unfortunate girl to marry me !

(Oops... missed this deadline... so typical of a software guy... anyways, next deadline is 2006) 

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Taking a break from work

This is NOT me !!

I might describe my job in a little more detail here. I'll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)