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108 Dhivya Desam - Thiruchireevaramangai (Vaanamaamalai)

Location :  Naanguneri  near Thirunelveli
Perumaal :  Totadrinaathan
Thaayaar :  SireevaramangaitThaayaar
Theertham : Indhra Theertham
Paasuram :  NammAzhwar
Vimaanam : Nandavartana Vimanam
Travel Base : Thirunelveli

Description: This Dhivyadesam is located in Nanguneri near Thirunelveli and is also known as Totadrikshetram or Vanamamalai. It is also referred to as Bhooloka Vaikuntham. Vanamamalai is home to the Vanamamalai Jeeyar Mutt. Located nearby is the Dhivya Desam Thirukkurunkudi.

Deities: The Moolavar here is Totadrinathan, in a seated posture facing East. He is flanked by his consorts, who also have their own sancta. Taayaa'rs name here is SireevaramangaitThaayaar.


Legend has it that when Perumaal vanquished the Madhukaitapa demons, Bhudevi, fearing that she had lost her purity, meditated upon Perumaal at this shrine. Perumaal is believed to have blessed her, and taken this abode, along with his consorts Sri Devi and Bhudevi as in Vaikuntham. The celestial nymphs Urvashi and Tilottama are said to have worshipped Perumaal here. Their images, bearing the 'Ven Chaamaram' fanning the deity, are seen in the sanctum.


Legend also has it that Bhrahma, Indra, Bhrigu muni and Markandeya were blessed with a vision of Perumaal at this shrine.


The Temple: This grand temple has two prakarams ornamented with the Pandal Mandapam, Jayanti Mandapam, Srivilli Mandapam, Kulasekhara Mandapam and the Veerappa Mandapam. An imposing 7 tiered rajagopuram adorns its  entrance. There are also shrines to Varamangai Thaayaar, Andal, Thaayaar Narayanar, Thaayaar Varahar and Venugopalar. The oil used in ablution ceremonies here is considered to be of medicinal value.


Festivals: This temple is administered by the Vanamamalai jeeyar Mutt. The annual festivals are held in the months of Pankuni and Chittirai.