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SriVaishnavam - The Philosophy !
108 Dhivya Desam - Thiru Oorakam

Location :  Kancheepuram  
Perumaal :  Ulagalandha Perumaal

Thaayaar :  Amrithavalli
Theertham : Naga Theertham
Paasuram  : ThirumangaiAzhwar, Thirumazhisai
Vimaanam : Sarasreekara Vimanam
Travel Base : Chennai

Description: This Dhivya Desam is the well known Ulagalanda Perumaal Temple in Periya Kancheepuram, and is also home to three other Dhivya Desam shrines Thiruneerakam, Thirukkaarakam and Kaarvaanam. It enshrines Perumaal in a mammoth form of Trivikrama dominating the three worlds, in the process of subduing Mahabali the demon king. The stone image here is about 35 feet high and 24 feet wide. The  Dhivya Desams enshrining Trivikrama are Thiru Oorakam (Kancheepuram) , Thirukkovilur, Kaazhicheeraamavinnagaram and  Thiruneermalai. Shown above is an image of the Thirukkovilur Dhivya Desam.

The Dhivya Desams revered by the Azhwars in Perumaal Kanchi are Attigiri (the vast Varadharaja Perumal Temple), Ashtabuyakaram, Thiruttankaa, Thiruvelukkai and Thiruvegkaa, while those in Shiva  Kanchi are Thiru Oorakam (Ulagalanda Perumaal Koyil) , Thiru Neeragam, Thiruppaatakam, Nilaattingal Tundam, Thirukkaaragam, Thirukkaarvaanam, Thirukkalvanur, Thiruppavalavannam and Parameswara Vinnagaram. The vast Ekambreswarar Temple(Prithvi Stalam)  revered by the Thevaram hymns, is located in Periya (Shiva) Kanchi, as are the Kamakshiamman and the Kumara Kottam Temples.


Deities: The Moolavar here here is Trivikraman (Ulagalanda Perumaal) facing west while Thaayaar is known by the name Amritavalli. The Utsavar here is Perakattaan.


Legend has it that Mahabali upon whom Perumaal placed his foot, during his Trivikrama Avataram, dominating the three worlds - desired to worship Perumaal in the form of Trivikrama (as he had not been able to see this form as Perumaal's foot had been placed on his head). Perumaal is said to have answered his prayers by appearing in front of him as Trivikrama at Kancheepuram (Satyavrata Kshetram). As Mahabali was not able to comprehend the immensity of this manifestation, Perumaal is said to have manifested himself as Aadi Seshan, in a smalll shrine next to the imposing shrine of Ulagalanda Perumaal, at Oorakam. Legend has it that Perumaal gave Anjaneyar a vision of Trivikrama and Vamana here.


The Temple: This Temple occupies an area of about 60000 sq feet. It has two prakarams and a three tiered rajagopuram. The Nagatheertham tank is located across from the Temple.  Inscriptions from the Chozha period are seen here. Parimelazhakar, who wrote a commentary on Thirukkural was a priest here, and an image of him riding a horse is seen in the Temple.  There are also shrines to Aandaal, Manavaalamaamuni.


Festivals: Two worship services are carried out each day here. The annual Bhramotsavam is celebrated in the month of Thai. Kamakshiamman Temple celebrates its Bhramotsavam in the month of Maasi while the Ekambreswarar Temple celebrates its annual festival in the tamil month of Pankuni. Thus Periya Kanchi wears a festive look for three festival seasons (months) in a row. Other festivals here are Purattasi Sravana Dwadasi, Vamana Avatara Utsavam, Vaikuntha Ekadasi and Avani Shukla Panchami.


In a verse referring to Kachi Oorakam and Thiruvegkaa (both in Kancheepuram) ThirumangaiAzhwar refers to Neerakam, Nilattingal Tundam, Kaarakam , Kaarvaanam and Kalva(nur). Neerakam, Kaarakam and Kaarvaanam are shrines in the Ulagalanda Perumaal Temple (Oorakam).