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SriVaishnavam - The Philosophy !
108 Dhivya Desam - Thirupputkuzhi

Location :  Tiruputkuzhi

Perumaal :  Vijayaraghava Perumaal

Thaayaar :  Maragatavalli

Theertham : Jataayu Theertham

Paasuram  : ThirumangaiAzhwar

Vimaanam : Vijayakoti Vimanam

Travel Base : Chennai, Kancheepuram

Description: This Dhivyadesam is located at Thirupputkuzhi, 11 km west of Kancheepuram off of the Chennai Vellore highway at a distance of about 80 km from Chennai. Thirupputkuzhi is where Ramanujar was under the tutelage of Yadavaprakasar.


Deities: The Moolavar here is Vijayaraghava Perumaal in a seated posture facing East, and Thaayaar is Maragatavalli in a separate sanctum to the right of Perumaal's sanctum. The sanctum bears an image of Perumaal with Jatayu on his lap. Sridevi's and Bhu Devi's positions are reversed. This East facing Temple has two prakarams and imposing walls and a three tiered rajagopuram. There is a shrine to Jatayu. On new moon days, where the departed souls are remembered with rituals, several congregate at the Jatayu theertham.


Legend has it that when Rama, estranged from Sita performed the last rites to the bird Jatayu here, Jatayu is believed to created the Jatayu theertham here. The name Thirupputkuzhi arises out of the shrine's association with Jatayu (as with the Shivastalam  Pullirukkuvelur). 


The Temple: The stone structure here dates back to the period of Sundara Pandyan as testified by several inscriptions; renovations were carried out here in 1955. An interesting belief holds here. Barren women desiring progeny worship here and are given a prasadam of roasted soaked lentils. It is believed that if these roasted lentils sprout, the worshpper would conceive and beget children. Two worship services are carried out here each day.


Festivals:  The horse mount (kutirai vaahanam)here, spins on an axis. Legend has it that the carpenter who made this mount upon being asked to make another of a similar kind for another Temple, refused and committed suicide. The carpenter's tomb is visited by the deity on the horse mount, during the annual festival in Maasi. Other festivals here include the Teppa Utsavam in the month of Thai (New moon), The Pavitrotsavam in the month of Aavani and Rama Navami.