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SriVaishnavam - The Philosophy !
108 Dhivya Desam - Thiruttankaa

Location :  Kancheepuram  
Perumaal :  DeepaPrakasar
Thaayaar :  Maragathavalli
Theertham : Saraswathi Theertham
Paasuram  : ThirumangaiAzhwar
Vimaanam : Sreekara Vimanam
Travel Base : Chennai, Kancheepuram

Description: This Dhivyadesam is located again in Kancheepuram close to the Ashtabhuyakara Dhivya Desam, which is in turn a mile west of the Varadharaja Perumal Temple. It is also referred to as Vilakkoli Perumaal Temple.

The Dhivya Desams revered by the Azhwars in Perumaal Kanchi are Attigiri (the vast Varadharaja Perumal Temple), Ashtabuyakaram, Thiruttankaa, Thiruvelukkai and Thiruvegkaa, while those in Shiva  Kanchi are Thiru Oorakam (Ulagalanda Perumaal Koyil) , Thiru Neeragam, Thiruppaatakam, Nilaattingal Tundam, Thirukkaaragam, Thirukkaarvaanam, Thirukkalvanur, Thiruppavalavannam and Parameswara Vinnagaram. The vast Ekambreswarar Temple(Prithvi Stalam)  revered by the Thevaram hymns, is located in Periya (Shiva) Kanchi, as are the Kamakshiamman and the Kumara Kottam Temples.


Deities: The Moolavar here is Deepaprakasar, also known as Vilakkolipperumaal, Dhivyaprakasar - in a standing posture facing west. Thaayaar here is Maragatavalli. This west facing Temple has a 3 tiered rajagopuram and 2 prakarams. There are shrines to Lakshmi Hayagreeva, Aandaal, the Azhwars and Desikacharyar.


Legend has it that the demons darkened the world in an attempt to disturb the yagna (ritual) conducted by Bhrama; Perumaal is said to have manifested himself as bright light, to enable the yagna to continue unimpeded, hence the name Deepaprakasar.


Thiruttankaa is the birthplace of Desikacharyar, whose image is enshrined here along with that of Lakshmi Hayagreevar (see Thiruvahindrapuram) which he held in worship. Murals depicting the life history of Desikacharyar are seen in the circumambulatory passage in this Temple.


Festivals: Two worship services are carried out each day. Vaikuntha Ekadasi is celebrated here.