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SriVaishnavam - The Philosophy !
108 Dhivya Desam - ThiruttetriAmbalam

Location: Thirunangur near Sirkazhi
Perumaal: Senkanmaal (Ranganathan)
Thaayaar: Senkamalavalli
Theertham:Surya Pushkarini
Paasuram :ThirumangaiAzhwar
Vimaanam:Vedha Vimanam
Travel Base:Chidambaram
Other: One of the 11 Thirunaangur Dhivya Desams closely associated with ThirumangaiAzhwar

Description: Five   Dhivya Desam Temples are located in close proximity in the town of Thirunangur 8 km East of Sirkazhi. They are Thiruvanpurushottamam, Thiruttetriambalam, Thirumanimaadakkoyil , Arimeya Vinnagaram and Vaikuntha Vinnagaram.  This temple is more familiarly known as Palli Konda Perumaal temple.


Deities: The Moolavar here is Senkanmaal, also known as Ranganathan or Sreelakshmirangar, in a reclining posture, facing East, while Thaayaar is known as Senkamalavalli. This East facing temple has a single prakaram.  Thaayaar   is enshrined in a separate shrine.


The Thirunaangur Dhivya Desams: This is one of the 11 Thirunaangur Dhivya Desams in the vicinity of Sirkazhi, glorified by the hymns of - and closely associated with  ThirumangaiAzhwar, whose birthplace  Thirunagari,  is located nearby. 11 Dhivya Desams in the vicinity of Sirkazhi, Thiruvaali and Thirunagari (the birthplace of ThirumangaiAzhwar) are associated closely with ThirumangaiAzhwar. Legend has it that Shiva performed the Ekadasa Rudra Aswamedha Yagam, to rid himself of the blemish of Bhramahatti; Perumaal is believed to have appeared in his presence with Sree Devi, Bhu Devi and Nila Devi at the end of the sacrifice, and upon Shiva's request, taken up 11 abodes here in the Thirunangur area, which correspond to the 11 Thirunaangur Dhivya Desams held in worship by Rudra.


Only ThirumangaiAzhwar has sung of these 11 Dhivya Desams. The  Thirunaangur Dhivya Desam shrines are Kavalampaadi, Thiruvanpurushottamam, Arimeya Vinnagaram,  Chemponseikoyil, Manimaadakkoyil (Narayanan), Vaikuntha Vinnagaram,  Thirudevanaar Togai, Thiruttetriambalam, Manikkootam, Thiruvellakkulam, and  Parthanpalli.


Festivals: The ThirumangaiAzhwar Mangalasasana utsavam in the month of Thai (after the new moon night) witnesses Garudasevai - a spectacular event in which festival images of Perumaal from the 11 (Thirunaangur) Dhivya Desam shrines in the area are brought on  Garuda mounts to Thirunangur. An image of Thirumangai Azhwar is brought to Thirunaangur  on a Hamsa Vahanam (from Thirunagari) and the his paasurams (verses)  dedicated to each of these 11 Dhivya Desams are recited. The image of ThirumangaiAzhwar circumambulates each of these deities, and at the conclusion of the festival, the images are returned to their temples. Prior to this, the image of ThirumangaiAzhwar and his consort are taken in a palanquin to each of the 11 Thirunangur Dhivya Desams, (trampling)  through the paddy fields in the area, and the paasurams dedicated to each of the 11 Dhivya Desams are chanted in the respective shrines. The Ekadasi Garuda Sevai is the most important festivals in this area, and it draws thousands of visitors.