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SriVaishnavam - The Philosophy !
108 Dhivya Desam - Thiruvinnagar

Location : Thiruvinnagar (Uppiliappan Koil)
: Uppiliappan
Thaayaar : Bhumi Devi
Theertham : Ahoratra Pushkarini

Paasuram : Thirumangai, PeyAzhwar, NammAzhwar
Vimaanam : Perumaal Vimanam, Sudhdhananda
Travel Base : Thanjavur

Description: This Dhivyadesam is located near Thirunageswaram, near Thiruvidaimarudur and Kumbhakonam. It is one of the well known and well visited Dhivya Desam temples and is considered to be a Prartanaistalam. The name Oppiliappan refers to the presiding deity who is considered comparable to none. Nammazhwar refers to Perumaal as Ponnappan, Maniappan, Muttappan, Ennappan and Thiruvinnagarappan.

Deities: The Moolavar Oppiliappan or Uppiliappan - Srinivasan, in a standing posture facing east resembles Venkatachalapati at Thirupati. Thaayaar here is Bhumi Devi, enshrined in the same sanctum. Legend has it that Markandeyar, Kaveri and Yama worshipped Perumaal here. It is believed that this shrine is equivalent to Thirupati.

Legend has it that Bhudevi was reborn as the daughter of Markandeya and that an old man sought her hand in marriage; the sage attempted to stall the marriage by stating that his daughter was not well versed in household duties, and that she would even forget to season food with salt. The old man revealed himself as Perumaal, and took Bhu Devi as his bride. Salt is not included in any of the offerings made to the deity; hence also, the name Uppiliappan.

Festivals: The annual Bhramotsavams are celebrated in the months of Pankuni and Purattasi. The Vasantotsavam is celebrated in Vaikasi, and the Thirukkalyana Utsavam in Aippasi.