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Srirangam - Heaven on Earth !
Srirangam - Heaven on Earth !
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What's so special about Srirangam ?

Srirangam is the most important shrine for Sri Viaishnavam. The term Ko(v)il, by default, refers to Srirangam in the Sri Vaishnava jargan. Almost all of the Azhvars have sung in praise of Sri Ranganatha, the main deity of the huge temple complex in Srirangam. Srirangam has been (and still is !! ) the headquarters and the premier staging ground of the Sri Vaishnava cult.

Where is it located?

Georaphically, Srirangam is located in the islet formed by the perennial Cauvery and its tributary Coleroon (Kollidam). Srirangam is about 6 miles from Trichy which is one of the larger cities of Tamil Nadu. It is very well connected by rail and road to Trichy. The presence of two perennial rivers makes Srirangam very fertile and abundant in vegetation.

Bird's Eye View of Srirangam

The temple forms the central Hub of all the activities in Srirangam and is located at the centre of the town. The temple is designed to have seven Prakaras (concentric rectangular enclosures). Of the seven, the innermost four are inside the temple complex and the outermost three form the housing colony of the (Original) Srirangam residents. All the prakaras are fortified with gigantic walls. There are three entrances to the temple from the East, South and the North. All these entrances are marked by huge, wonderful Gopurams (towers) which total to 21 in all.

The 22nd Gopuram in the outermost Southern entrance of the temple is the tallest (236 ft.) of all and was completed recently thanks to the perseverance and untiring efforts of H.H. Srimad Azhagiyasinger Jeeyer Swamigal. It is one of the tallest towers in Asia.

This town has sprawled beyond the seven prakaras due to the ever increasing number of settlers in this town. People consider Srirangam to be a place where both our heritage and modern life-style thrive side-by-side without destorying the other. It provides the best atmosphere to bring-up children without compromising on the modern facilities at the same time guard them from the vices of the modern life-style.

Srirangam is known as Boologa Vaikundam (Heaven on Earth) in the Sri Vaishnava paradigm.... and it is Absolutely True !!